Includes Win-I2CUSB v3.1  hardware adapter 

Win-I2CUSBDLL is a complete IC software/adapter bundle which includes the Win-I2CUSB application
for control of  IC/SMBus devices (Win-I2CUSB GUI is cosmetically similar to the Win-I2CNT application).
The USB-based host adapter supports 400kb/s  IC Master operations (800-1000 kb/s  IC communication is
possible, but these speeds are not guaranteed, and not supported in the 400kb/s  IC specification).
The software has the capability to program I2C and SPI serial EEproms and Ram/ Fram device sizes ranging
from 16Kb (128 bit) to 512Kb (64K bytes). Universal modes allow flexibility to communicate most  IC compatible

The  IC adapter is USB powered and can also supply limited 3.3v/5v power to a low power I2C target application
(50mA max).
Win-I2CUSB software, DLL, and USB driver are compatible with Windows (x86)  XP, Vista, 7 (32-bit and 4-bit
operating systems.
Software updates are downloaded via the built-in update utility or manually via our website
(requires internet connection).

The  DLL was developed specifically for the included Win-I2CUSB adapter to allow creation of custom applications
in other environments such as Delphi, Visual Basic, MSVisual C++, C++ Builder, VB.Net,  and Visual C++.Net.
Refer to the DLL User Manual on the FAQ page for details (link below).
The Win-I2CUSBDLL kit includes a single user license for Win-I2CUSB and the DLL.

Win-I2CUSBDLL Kit Contents:
* Win-I2CUSBDLL software/documentation on CD:
    - Win-I2CUSB - Windows application, similar to Win-I2CNT  (EEProm, Universal Modes, I2C devices, EEProm/FRAM support).
    - DLL to allow creation of custom I2C applications using the included Win-I2CUSB adapter.
    - DLL examples for C++ Builder, MSVC++, Delphi, VB, VB.Net, VC++.Net (available from the FAQ page)
* USB-based I2C hardware adapter  (shown above).
* Quick Start Guide installation sheet.
* Standard 3' USB cable (Note: I2C cable is not included).
* Software includes 4Mb/s USB-to-SPI Windows application (Win-SPIUSB).
* 30-day warranty on hardware adapter; please review the Software License Agreement.
*   I2C Devices supported in Win-I2CUSB

Minimum System Requirements:
* Pentium Processor PC with USB port and Windows-XP operating system (Win-2000 is no longer supported)

Please note the  Win-I2CUSB software and DLL included in this kit  will only work with the USB adapter  shown above and
is not compatible with  Win-I2CNTDLL, Win-I2CNT kits (printer-port versions with I2CPortv2.0 adapter).
  We are now shipping  Win-I2CUSBDLL kits  with v5.2.x.x software and the new v3.1 Win-I2CUSB hardware adapter (shown above).
Note: hardware adapter may not be RoHS compliant, and CoC documentation is unavailable for this product.
 Software v5.2 supports Windows XP / Vista / 7 (32-bit and 64-bit systems),  and is compatible with existing v2.2, v2.3 Win-I2CUSB adapters.
 Software updates to support Windows 8, 10 available from our Software Updates page:

Win-I2CUSBDLL  FAQ / Documentation  Page
Software License Agreement

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Oct 1, 2017